Because some of us are more visually driven than others, we have two different tutorials that will give very DIY the ABC’s of installing Rattle Mat correctly. You pick from the video or the step by step.



Rattle Mat Sound Deadening

Prepare the surface for the Rattle Mat by making sure it is clean and dry. Measure the area to be covered using the tape measure supplied in the Rattle Mat Installation Kit. Measure twice for accuracy. Unroll the amount of Rattle Mat needed and draw the measurements on the surface using a permanent marker.




The knife provided in the installation kit works great for this step. Cut the Rattle Mat carefully along the measurement drawn in the previous step. Save the small scrap pieces – you may need them elsewhere.



Rattle Mat Sound Deadening

Trial fit the cut piece of Rattle Mat before you remove the release liner from one edge and begin pressing the Rattle Mat in place. Slowly remove the release liner pressing the remainder of the Rattle Mat in place as you go. Once the Rattle Mat adheres to the surface, it is going to stay where you place it so make sure it is going on straight.



Rattle Mat Sound Deadening

Roll it! The Rattle Mat roller that comes with the installation kit is an important tool in the installation. Steady, even pressure on every area of the Rattle Mat ensures a successful, permanent bond to the vehicle surface.