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Rattle Mat Sound Deadening

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Shush...Gear Head

Rattle Mat would like to make one simple suggestion that we think will to make your custom build or restoration perfect: reduce the vibration and road noise that comes with the older cars by adding a layer of sound deadening material. The outer skin is specially engineered with embossed tri-layer aluminum. The embossing eliminates resonance peaks within the common frequency ranges that cause annoying road noise, rattles, & vibration. The proprietary FirstStrike™ Adhesive Compound on our backing is specially formulated for the automotive market and will adhere to most surfaces with minimal prep.

Does your vehicle’s noise level make you tired and annoyed? Do you have to crank up the volume to hear the music? With a noisy car, it can be hard to hear just about anything inside the cab. Rattle Mat is the most effective sound deadening material available and can keep your car’s interior quiet. By reducing the rattle, you will bring your car stereo back to life with clearer sound! Rattle Mat sound deadening products are scientifically designed and manufactured at 50, 80, and 110 mil thicknesses to bring down the road noise and vibration.